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Indianapolis, IN: Can Mobile, Brick-and-Mortar Eateries Coexist in ‘Burbs?

A lot of people still don’t understand food trucks. We’re not corporate raiders, coming in and taking business and profits overseas

Portland, OR: Cambodian Cart Sok Sab Bai Debuts Brick-and-Mortar

It's official: Cambodian street food spot Sok Sab Bai is off the street, having settled into the SE 21st brick-and-mortar digs that most recently housed Bara Sushi.

Washington, DC: To Protect Restaurants, D.C. May Curb Food Trucks

The rules would designate a few food truck parking spots around prime locations such as George Washington University, Farragut Square and the Verizon Center.

Escondido, CA: Escondido Food Truck Rules Hit Snag

Regulations for gourmet trucks stymie traditional trucks

San Francisco, CA: Restaurant Roundup – Indian Burrito Pop-Up-Turned-Perm and American French Food

Curry Up Now, the popular food truck you may have seen roaming around the financial district during lunchtime, has opened its first permanent brick-and-mortar restaurant in the Mission.

Brainerd Country, MN: Brainerd City Council – City Will Seek to Work with Baxter...

Brainerd City Council members turned aside a recommendation to deny food truck operations within the city, voting instead to set up a committee to explore regulations to allow them.

Austin, TX: East Side King Opens First Brick-and-Mortar Space

The popular Asian-inspired street food eatery - East Side King will make the move from food truck to brick-and-mortar space next month, setting up shop in a live music venue near the University of Texas campus.

National News: Big Companies Jump on the Mobile Kitchen Trend

Big and small companies of all kinds have an amazing opportunity to expand their business.

Washington, D.C.: Food Truck Owners Say New Regulations Would Drive Them Out of Most...

The regulatory battles over the city's growing fleet of food trucks continues

Holland, MI: Beyond Nathan – Food Cart Restrictions a National Issue

Holland officials admitting that the zoning ordinances were enforced to protect the existing “brick-and-mortar” restaurants from competition