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Buffalo, NY: Buffalo Food Trucks to Expect Lower Fees, Possible Access to Canalside

The $1,000 permit fee required for Buffalo’s trucks to operate within the city limits was hotly debated when the ordinance was first passed in early 2012, but the WNY Food Truck Association agreed to the terms, knowing that a review period would approach quickly and the ability to vend legally was the top priority.

Buffalo, NY: The Knight Slider Food Truck

The truck is based on the David Hasselhoff TV show of the 80's, and if you watched the show, you'll recognize some of the menu items on the truck.

Buffalo, NY: Senator Kennedy Looking to Lower Fees for Food Truck Industry

"Inflated municipal fees are holding back entrepreneurs and their ability to innovate..."

Buffalo, NY: Food Truck Contest is Saved by Merchant’s Donation

Simply Certificates, has volunteered to cover the $700

Buffalo, NY: Crowding in for a Taste

"Are you sure they're sanitary?" he asked.

Buffalo, NY: Food Truck Legislation PASSED!

Sets forth how the trucks must behave

Buffalo, NY: Revised Food Truck Rules Unveiled

No change to the proposed $1,000 annual license fee

Buffalo, NY: Common Council Reviews Food Truck Controversy

Trucks are currently paying, I believe it is, $1300 to park in one spot