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Restaurateur Rocco Whalen Brings Food Truck Downtown, Gets Cited By the City

Fahrenheit chef/owner Rocco Whalen decided to take a stand on the illegality of food trucks in downtown Cleveland on Friday by rolling up to East Sixth Street and St. Clair Avenue to fire up some lunchtime vittles.

Downtown Memphis to Host Food Truck Fare

Downtown’s Court Square will host food trucks next week as the Memphis City Council prepares to finalize new laws governing mobile food vendors.

Food Truck Owner Fights for Right to Serve Cleveland (video)

"We have a permit to be servicing food in Ward 3," said Hodgson. "However, it has come to our attention there's a little part that says 'no CBD.' I don't know what CBD means, we know now it means Central Business District, that's all of downtown."

Denver: Food Truck Task Force Looking At Fast Fixes For Spring

Although mobile food vendors are currently banned from the Central Business District (not including LoDo) except for areas along the 16th Street Mall, where vendors contract with the Denver Partnership, and in Skyline Park, where Parks and Rec allows some carts, most of the conversation stayed out of downtown itself.

Filipino Food is on the Run with The Manila Machine

The Manila Machine first rolled out seven months ago, and has since satisfied homesick Filipinos as well as other curious customers at different schools, concerts and events. Today, The Manila Machine will be at Chiat Day Playa Del Rey for lunch and OC DinDin AGoGo in Irvine for dinner.