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Chicago: Wagyu Wagon Ups Ante of Food Trucks

The Wagyu Wagon, at the direction of chef/owner/driver Aaron Crumbaugh, is going to be the newest excursion into mobile meals to hit Chicago, but with a catch.

Salt Lake City, UT: How Food Trucks Operate Could Soon Be Changing

Food carts do not have to follow the same rules mobile food trucks do.

Manchester, TN: For Vendors, Bonnaroo Festival is a Business Bonanza

Bonnaroo has a selective year-long process in choosing food vendors.

NYC: What You’ve Always Wanted in a Food Truck — Booze!

The Pera Turkish Taco Truck, stationed daily at the tourist office and gift shop has won what is apparently the first liquor license granted to a New York City food truck.

Columbia, MO: GRAND OPENING – ‘Fat Chicks Chow Wagon and Catering’

Fat Chicks offers “fresh, down-home, affordable food delivered to your workplace or event,” Nichols said.

New York: Rapidly Growing Food Truck Industry Rallies

Two blocks in West Chelsea turned into a powerhouse gathering of mobile food vendors offering the finest fare in their rapidly growing industry.

Miami Beach Considers Ending Food Truck Ban

According to the city, food trucks are only allowed to set up shop as private caterers or during permitted special events.

Food Trucks Take Over the Streets

“The restaurant will never die. This has become an offshoot option for people to have a different level of satisfaction,” said Derek Hunt, who co-owns Cake & Shake food carts in New York City.

Salt Lake City Food-Truck Regulations in the Air?

Julie Sheehan cooks out of and drives Torta Truck, her Italian-food business that she started in November, a few months after Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker gave public assurances that the city’s food-truck ordinances would be loosened.

Charlotte: City Food Truck Rules Still Leave a Bad Taste

Let us hope Charlotte's foodies and food truck fans succeed in forcing revisions to an ill-considered 2008 city measure restricting taco trucks.