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NYC: City Seeks Old-Timey Food Carts for Central Park

Mobile food vendors have been dabbling in the genres of medieval fantasy and even explosive action these days. But, if the Parks Department has its way, we're likely going to see more of them doing period pieces.

Sugar Yummy Mama: Another Food Truck Enters the Scene, and This Time it’s a...

This week, Sugar Yummy Mama enters the blossoming Miami food truck scene, offering high quality cake balls, cupcakes, and shooters to South Florida's eaters.

Our Mood in Food 2011: Diners are a-Twitter as Chefs Take Food to the...

Tired of high rents in the big cities, chefs in New York, LA and Austin, Texas, have been taking their food to the streets, setting up mobile truck restaurants and then broadcasting the location of the day on Facebook and Twitter.