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New Street Food Rules in Vancouver Emphasize Health and Diversity

In Vancouver, street food is an emerging mini-industry. But new vendors who want to sell hot dogs and cheese steak sandwiches may need to switch to healthier options.

Brooklyn: What’s Cooking at Moore Street? Food Entrepreneurship, That’s What

The city will spend $1 million to design a kitchen facility that would help the growing class of foodiepreneurs produce their tasty fare for an affordable price.

SF Food Truck Serves Tacos With a Kick

Posted at the corner of Sacramento and Montgomery, the Kung Fu Tacos truck serves fusion fare for lunch Tuesday through Friday

LA: Stephen Box Food Truck Festival

Food truck operators are generally supporting Box as incumbent Tom LaBonge has been essentially hostile towards the popular businesses.

Counter Culture: Truck on Over to Napa Valley for Tacos Garcia Lunch

What a delicious concept: a taco truck serving cheap eats in a town "that boasts the largest concentration of Michelin stars per capita on the planet."

Santa Barbara: Food Truck To Trek the Tri-County Area

A ‘gourmet’ food truck will begin cruising through Isla Vista next month to serve its cross-cultural menu to the local community.

America’s Top 20 Food Trucks

Blanketing urban environments on the coasts, led by New York City and Washington, D.C., on the right and Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle on the left, food trucks are increasingly roaming the nation’s streets.

LA County Implements Letter Grades for Food Trucks

The Mobile Food Facility Grading Program, which went into effect in parts of the county at the beginning of this year, will now be enforced in all county communities and in cities that use the county's Department of Public Health to inspect and grade restaurant, officials said.

Hot Food Trucks On Back Burner In Chicago

Hot food trucks, where food is prepared in the vehicle and sold on the street, are becoming an increasingly popular option around the nation.

MIAMI New Food Truck: “Muscle Truck” Hits the Road in February

It's powered by Gables Juice Bar and Protein Pizza, a calorie-controlled favorite on the downtown Coral Gables lunch circuit.