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Businessweek Pits Food Trucks in a March Madness Bracket

These days, American street food is undergoing a rebirth. French rotisserie, Vietnamese bánh mì, and Gruyère grilled cheese can all be found at gourmet food trucks, with menu items generally ranging between $3 and $10 apiece.

San Fran: About 15 People Campout for Food Truck Permit (video)

About fifteen people in San Francisco camped out all weekend because they want to operate a food truck. The first person in line got there at 4:30 a.m. on Friday. The people waiting in line said it was a long, cold, wet miserable weekend.

Orlando, FL: Red Eye BBQ

"We got into the BBQ biz out of the love for smoking meats in our backyard over the last 11 years."

Foodies Delight in Irvine Parking Lots

Any given Wednesday at about noon, foodies and chefs come together in a parking lot near the corner of Dupont and Teller. A half-dozen food trucks dot the parking lot, as do a constantly-rotating flock of hungry business people.

Torrington, CT: Rocket Street Fine Food Takes Off

Rocket Fine Street Food gives the aging mill town some hipster cred now that food trucks are all the rage in the trendiest Zip Codes.

Miami: Feverish’s Felecia Hatcher on Gaming and Ice Cream Sandwiches

They just introduced six new Feverish carts around the city, taking their sweets to unexplored and harder-to-get-to-in-a-truck places.

The Food Truck Diaries,Volume Seven: Planet of the Crepes

Planet of the Crepes spends its days serving an array of sweet and savory crepes. The food trailer is run by Jessica Kraus, the former pastry chef at Harvest Restaurant, the Grill at Hacienda del Sol and both Zona 78 locations. She makes incredible crepes. You should go try one.

San Fran: More JapaCurry Parking Space Drama Today

Today's Wednesday, the day JapaCurry has a permit to park on Mission at New Montgomery.

Phoenix: Food Truck Fridays

The brainchild of the recently formed Phoenix Street Food Coalition, the Mobile Food Court is a great venue for the food trucks to pool their resources and keep their costs down in what has become a really hot trend in food - traveling food, that is.

Napa’s Food Truck Friday “Could Never Work in Sonoma”

"This could never work in Sonoma," said Brown, shaking his head with dismay. He cased the Food Truck Friday premises, pointing out problems.