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Peoria, AZ: Mixed reaction on food trucks in downtown Peoria

A decision to allow food trucks to park on the public right-of-way outside of the downtown district was delayed for another month.

Newcastle, UK: Armstrong Bridge to host inaugural Jesmond Food Market

Some of the region's best food producers will assemble to tempt visitors to Jesmond's Armstrong Bridge

New York, NY: NYC Food Truck Lunch – Bao From The Kaya Cart

They serve bao, which is what Fun Buns NYC serves. That might explain why the Kaya Cart doesn’t venture into Midtown.

London, UK: Gherkin Street Food Market in A Pickle After it’s Told to Close

A street food market outside the Gherkin serving up everything from burritos to fresh doughnuts to City workers has shut down after it was accused by officials of being “unsightly”.

Food Trucks vs. Brick & Mortar: Restaurants Are Up in Arms

Food trucks have become major competition for restaurants

H & 8th Outdoor Food Market Makes Successful Relaunch Friday in Oklahoma City

Health inspectors and food truck operators cheerily went about their business

Point-Of-Sale for Food Trucks – The Bottom Line

Increasing the speed of order taking is where we see a little goes along way.

Oklahoma City: Outdoor Nighttime Food Market Debuts in MidTown

Could Oklahoma City support an outdoor nighttime food market and join the ranks of edgy cities like Austin, Texas, and Portland, Ore.?

Phoenix: Market on the Grow in North

While the street food market is limited in the downtown it's growing in the north industrial area where a number of concession-style food trucks have entered the market.

Help Wanted: Biofuel Mechanic to Trick-Out D.C.’s Newest Food Truck

Arcadia Center for Food and Sustainable Agriculture recently raised nearly $15,ooo through a Kickstarter campaign to create the first "mobile food market."