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Orlando, FL: Amazing New Electric Food Trucks to Hit the Road in Orlando

I like the idea of buying and supporting local Florida-based businesses, I like that the trucks are electric, and I like that they cater to veterans even more.

A Guide to Boston Food Trucks

Boston has dedicated 15 spots in the city where food trucks can be found on a rotating basis.

Political Food Fight Can Be Avoided

Calgary moves forward with an expansion of its street-food culture

Food Trucks Innovation Report

Food trucks' presence will be loud and lasting

Food Trucks Have Staying Power, Study Says

A new study has good news for mobile food vehicles, as 91 percent of consumers polled who are familiar with food trucks say they view the trend as having staying power and not a passing fad.

Boulder, CO: A Big Feat for Those Who Want to Eat in the Street

Mobile food vendors aren’t quite as controversial as medical marijuana, but as far as fast moving community trends, mobile food vehicles come in a close second.

Can Money Be Made With a Food Truck? We’ll see…

The Minneapolis City Council calls them "mobile food vehicles," and 10 of them have been operating since last year in downtown Minneapolis on public sidewalks, parking lots and on private property.

Dallas: Food Trucks in the Arts District on City Plan Commission’s Agenda

"We will have food trucks in the Arts District by the spring," count on it.

Minneapolis: Food Trucks Coming to Uptown Soon?

Uptown’s City Council Member Meg Tuthill mentioned that the City will soon consider expanding food trucks and carts to areas outside of Downtown.

New L.A. Food Truck Ordinance Will Negatively Impact Local Businesses

This means food trucks will not be able to conduct business when they are being inspected. The trucks will likely end up losing money while inspectors venture into them randomly to inspect food.