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Greensboro, NC: Short Orders – Food Truck Rodeo Saturday

Children’s activities, raffles and other activities also are planned.

Greensboro, NC: Are Food Trucks Good or Bad for Business in Greensboro?

When it comes to the food truck debate playing out in Greensboro, two schools of thought have emerged.

Greensboro, NC: Downtown Greensboro Restaurants Upset About Food Truck Decision

Eighty percent of the food trucks during this pilot program are not from Guilford County. Not from Greensboro. And they’d don’t employ 75 people locally

Greensboro, NC: Not Everyone Likes Downtown Food Trucks

he city has also provided free advertising for the food trucks on the city website and often has a city employee on site to facilitate the program.

Greensboro, NC : Editorial – Food trucks now

It’s true that mobile vendors have lower overhead costs. They don’t employ as many workers, and they pay less in taxes.

Greensboro, NC: Food Truck Ban Lifted In Dowtown Greensboro

By Lauren Melvin | Digtriad.com Greensboro, NC -- On Wednesday, Greensboro City Council gave food trucks the green light to operate downtown, but not just...

GREENSBORO, NC: Food Trucks Cooking Up Success in Downtown Greensboro [video]

Marketing company says they will be recommending them as a permanent fixture to the city.