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Seasonally Inspired Street Food Rolls Into Town

In a light-filled spacious kitchen, James Millett pops open a bottle of white wine and sprinkles it on a pile of fresh chard.

Cake Girl’s Kitchen: Another “Kickstarter.com” Food Truck Funding Project

Cakegirl’s MOBILE Kitchen will be the first food truck in Northwest Arkansas that focuses on homemade desserts and snacks. Everything baked in small batches, no prepackaged ingredients.

Philadelphia: Tyson Bees is a Mobile Mash-Up Worth Waiting In Line For

Tyson Bees, a truck traveling to various neighborhoods dispensing kimchi-laced tacos to the masses, manned by Tyson Wong Ophaso, whose culinary influences are diverse enough to give Google Maps a challenge.

The Green Machine: A Food Truck for the Organic Age

Hoping to counterbalance the taco trucks and fast-food joints that have fed the local workforce for decades.

LA Food Truck: Ta Bom

Ta Bom Truck is a Brazilian food truck run by Korean/Brazilian twin sisters Jackie and Julie Kim along with their mother Ilse.