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LA: Got Fed!

This time around, me and my companions tried out one of the Grill Em All Truck‘s specials, the “weedeater,” and left feeling quite satisfied.

Is This the Best Hot Dog in the World?

It's called a Pylsur. Here are the vital details. It tastes properly of meat, not an indistinguishable blur of brown. The sausage snaps when you bite it. It comes with not one, but two types of onions (fried and raw).

LA: Finally Got My Mouth Around a Greasy Wiener

The Greasy Wiener claims to serve New Jersey style dogs with West Coast flavor. Jersey style dogs are deep fried, that's all I know about them.

Mobile Food: Startup and Entrepreneurial Updates

While I was driving around South Congress Street in Austin, I saw a large parking lot where a good number of food vendors park their food carts and trucks.

Brilliant or Crazy Panel: Food Truck Letter Grades

Will 2011 see the same standard applied to the city’s food trucks?

A Truckin’ Delicious Food Truck Roundup in VEGAS!

Probably the biggest Las Vegas culinary scene story in 2010 is the arrival of the gourmet food truck. We’re far from the first city to hop on the mobile-dining bandwagon, but Vegas now has an army of trucks roaming the Valley

Baltimore’s Newest Food Truck….THE GYPSY QUEEN Cafe

Submitted by peek As recently reported, They're Baaack! Famed and beloved chefs, Tom Looney and Annmarie Langton Helen's Garden  serving some of...

Meet & Eat: Adam Dragotta, The Greasy Wiener Food Truck

Growing up in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, Adam Dragotta considered himself a hot dog fanatic. According to him, there was no better hot dog than the New Jersey-style dogs he grew up eating: deep fried, on a steamed bun, and topped with a pickle spear.

Constructive Aspects of Hot Dog Vending

Hot Dog Vending Carts are popular in massive cities like New York.

MobileFoodNews.com Partners with TruxMap.com GPS

MobileFoodNews.com is proud to announce it's partnering with TruxMap.com to bring you the real-time Food Truck GPS Tracking System.  The current system covers Los...