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We’ve picked up a lot of new readers this month, so it’s a good time to remind everyone to make sure you get the NYSF App, which is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android (sorry BB folks).

iPad 2 Camera & Photo Booth Meets Food Truck

My friend Dave owns KoKyu, an International BBQ inspired food truck. A food truck that just happens to have an NES emulator on the side of it, making it my favorite food truck. He also makes a mean short rib quesadilla, which helps with the love factor.

Human Achievement of the Day: Mobile Phone Credit Card Processing

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s Square, a small credit processing device anyone can use with their mobile devices to accept debit and credit payments on the spot.

Tweet, Tweet…. Listen Carefully To Your Customers!

AT&T network managers monitor Twitter for “AT&T”, “3G” and “iphone” for complaints as away to improve customer service. Steve Moser, network visitor program manager for AT&T says “People do not call anymore to complain so we have to use social media tools.”

5 Tips for Shooting Food Photos with Your iPhone

Lots of you like snapping photos using a point-and-shoot digital camera or something nicer if you have it despite the weird looks of wait staff and fellow patrons.