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Manhattan, NY: Food Truck Parking Would be Limited Under Proposed Vending Legislation

The plan to impose new fines related to vending follows the Feb. 27 passage of new legislation by the City Council to slash vending fines in half, in order reduce their burden on often-struggling workers.

New York, NY: Best Street Food Venders in New York City

Street food was once the sole compass, for the most part, of hot dog carts. Change, however, has come swiftly to Gotham. Now the panoply of grub in store for hungry ambulators spans a wide spectrum and, at last, reflects the demographics of a metropolis where over 800 languages are spoken.

Manhattan, NY: Attn Vendors – Hudson River Park Looking For Mobile Food Concessions

By NYSF | NewYorkStreetFood.com When we first moved into the West Village over 20 years ago, the Hudson River waterfront was a disaster. Used condoms,...

Manhattan, NY: Thin Mints On Wheels – Girl Scout Cookie Truck Rolling Through Manhattan...

Almost the entire GS Cookie collection will be available for purchase, including Trefoils, Samoa's, Do si Dos, Tagalongs, Savannah Smiles and, of course, beloved Thin Mints. Boxes can be purchased directly from the truck for $4.

National News: Hungary’s Most Popular Street Food – Langós

While langós is almost unknown over here, in Hungary it’s almost everywhere. There are langós stands all over the country, the same way that hot dog carts cover Manhattan, or falafel stands are all over the Middle East.

Manhattan, NYC: Make A Resolution To Eat More Veggies? The $5.50 Lunch Truck’s Veg...

Whenever I’m craving vegetables, my mind often wanders to the $5.50 Lunch Truckrun by the affable Kiflu at the corner of Ann St. & Nassau.

Brooklyn, NYC: The Fishing Shrimp Truck

The Fishing Shrimp truck is a fairly new food truck that serves fried fish and shrimp around Ditmas Park, Brooklyn – but they have recently started coming into Manhattan once or twice a week for lunch.

New York, NYC: Gourmet Lunch, No Restaurant Necessary

A sampling of the cart's Indian/Bangladeshi offerings shows why it has been singled out repeatedly as one of New York City's best street carts.

Manhattan, NYC: Here’s The New, Legal Food Truck Spot In Midtown

Sage Realty will be promoting the new food trucks in its buildings, and setting up a food truck camera so that office workers can see how long the lines are before heading downstairs. The guy on the ladder was actually working on it while we were there.