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Food for the Road

Folks are lining up at mobile counters in cities across America to gobble down everything from gourmet fusion food to specialty cupcakes from chef-entrepreneurs.

Geoflattery: Brands Sweet Talk Influencers for Local, Social, Mobile Boost

Their trucks may be small, but their social marketing makes a big impact.

New Summer Food Truck Event Fuels Hopes for a Toronto Street Food Revolution

Starting this July, Food Truck Eats will host food trucks and street food stalls featuring some top Toronto chefs

Denver, CO: Gourmet Food Trucks are Again on a Roll!

The action got so heated last year that a Denver City Council committee held a hearing to consider the city's regulations regarding trucks.

“The Great Food Truck Race” feeds Atlanta [video]

Food Network spent the weekend shooting a portion of its second season of "The Great Food Truck Race" in Atlanta.

Cuban Food Truck Now in Salt Lake City

The owners of Frida Bistro have been bitten by the mobile food truck bug.

Durham: Pizza Rolls Onto Food Scene

Pie Pushers is one of the newest additions to Durham's prestigious food truck fleet.

Salt Lake City: Tyler Florence Might Be Coming!

So, our own Chow truck will be partnering with one of the trucks in the Great Food Truck Race as they all pass through Salt Lake this week.

Food Trucks at Santa Anita 5/14

After drawing nearly 23,000 patrons on a horse race day with 80 gourmet food trucks earlier this month, Santa Anita Park is going to see how well the trucks draw when their are no races at the track.

Food Truck Fest at Santa Anita Draws Massive Crowd

Thousands of local residents packed the infield at Santa Anita Park Saturday for the first Food Truck Festival in the race track's storied history.