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Santa Monica: Honing Their Competitive Edge

The two seniors plan on operating a food truck themselves under the name of Grub Tough, a rolling kitchen specializing in a meat-laden Uruguayan sandwich called a chivito.

Los Angeles Food Trucks Ridin’ Kosher-(Styles)

Among the top contenders currently vying for Semitic stomachs are Takosher, a kosher Mexican truck, and Schnitzel Wagon, a spinoff started by former employees of the ever-popular Schnitzly restaurant.

Food Trucks: A Franchise Concept with a Stop Sign Ahead

I think that franchised food trucks are a marketers dream. They offer consistency in menu and deliverables, the ability to reach your target market where they are and the ROI on social media marketing is extraordinary. Plus initial cost to ownership is lower than that of brick and mortar restaurants.

SANTA MONICA – Food Truck Lot, Basement Tavern Pair to Make Tuesdays HIP on...

SANTA MONICA (MAIN STREET) — After a brief zoning misstep, the Santa Monica Food Truck Lot has returned — this time in the parking lot of the California Heritage Museum.