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Santa Monica, CA: New Restrictions For Main Street Food Trucks In Santa Monica

Food trucks patrolling Main Street in the Ocean Park neighborhood will have to be mindful of their time, as the Santa Monica City Council approved at its last Tuesday night meeting an expanded prohibition of late night street vending during certain holidays.

Washington, DC: DC Tweaking Sidewalk Restrictions for Food Trucks

My favorite part of the day is to come down to the food trucks and see what's available and try something new.

NYC: Park Ave. Building Manager Wants to Ban Food Trucks From His Doorstep

Park Avenue building manager says food trucks have cost him thousands in damages....

DC: Food Trucks SHUT DOWN By Park Police At Farragut Square

"a lot of random SUVs" descended on the Square earlier this afternoon, and, over the span of about a half-hour, "shut down all of the DC food trucks that were parked around" the Square.

Minneapolis: Food Trucks Coming to Uptown Soon?

Uptown’s City Council Member Meg Tuthill mentioned that the City will soon consider expanding food trucks and carts to areas outside of Downtown.