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The Food Truck Craze Comes to Fort Lauderdale!

Food trucks have been taking the nation by storm!

Charleston, SC: Soggy Food Truck Rodeo Still a Big HIT!

Puddles replaced long lines of hungry people Saturday during the fourth Food Truck Rodeo on James Island

Osceola County, FL: Food Trucks Face Tough Regulations in Osceola County

In Osceola County, the food-truck trend has been stalled by regulations that mobile vendors say are unreasonable.

City Takes One Giant Green Step – NO STYROFOAM!

The county's ordinance prohibits all food vendors from dispensing prepared food in polystyrene containers.

Food Trucks Set to Roll Into the UK as Mobile Units Become The in...

Foodservice consultant Peter Backman said the trend could take off in the UK as the image of mobile catering starts to undergo a much-needed revamp.

NYC: Chelsea Foodies Flock to Zagat Food Truck Festival

Storm clouds didn't deter West Side foodies from flooding the Zagat Food Truck Frenzy, held on two Chelsea blocks Monday afternoon.

Cincinnati, OH: Meals on Wheels – Local Food Trucks Feed Hungry Hordes

Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan headed up an initiative that led to the designation of four downtown areas where food trucks can operate.

Food Trucks: The Film

“It was a cutthroat business,” said Nazario. “Catering truck operators were very protective of their routes and would pull out knives or guns to ward off the competition.”

Trend Watch: Food Truck Traffic Jam

Builders of food trucks have upped their prices because of demand, and regulations are beating down the spontinaity of exceptional food in an unexpected venue.

Boise, ID: Treasure Valley Joining Food Truck Nation

"It's called Archie's Place after my two-year-old son Archie."