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Toronto, CAN: 5 must-try eats from Toronto’s new food trucks

The Toronto food truck season is in full swing and the new trucks on the block are bringing out menu items we have yet to see before.

Toronto, CAN: On Day 1 of Toronto’s new, relaxed food truck rules, 20-metre gap...

Variety in lunch options was on the mind of bystanders outside Me.n.u. After ordering rice balls and a taco, Colette Snyder said cutting the mandated distance from 50 metres to 30 will bolster competition.

Toronto, CAN: Toronto city council eases restrictions on food trucks

Toronto city council voted 43-1 on Tuesday to ease the rules around food truck permits, allowing them to operate 30 metres from an open and operating restaurant.

Toronto, CAN: Cut red tape to encourage food trucks

Toronto city council should endorse plan to loosen rules for food trucks.

Toronto, CAN: Toronto Council to make decision on allowing food trucks to set up...

At the meeting, food truck operator Zane Caplansky told the committee that the restrictions were a big reason that the city only saw 17 operators take up on the new licenses. They were simply too restrictive, he said.

Toronto, CAN: Stonefire® Authentic Flatbreads Launches Nationwide Food Truck Tour

The Stonefire Food Truck will be touring the country from April-August, 2015 stopping in major cities along the way including San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Boston and New York among others. All are invited to stop by the food truck for free samples, giveaways and recipe tips.

Toronto, CAN: Top Food Trucks inToronto

Food trucks are trying to get around these rules and many cater, as a result. In the summer of 2014, food truck business owners came together to test launch a Food Truck Alley at Queen and Jarvis to bypass these fees, as per a report in the Toronto Star.

Toronto, CAN: The BeaverDog is coming to Toronto

Not an April Fool’s prank: Montreal-based BeaverTails is now wrapping wieners inside the quintessentially Canadian treat.

Toronto, CAN: Giles Coren’s Culinary Tour of Toronto

The Times of London’s powerful, acerbic restaurant critic Giles Coren has been touring a handful of North American cities — places he readily admits he knows little about — and directing his trademark piercing critiques at the local food scenes. It’s for a reality TV show that he originated, and in keeping with his media personality of supersized ego, has named “Million Dollar Critic.”

Toronto, CAN: King West Eats Comes to an End

The lot debuted just 3 weeks ago to a buzz that got both food trucks owners and foodies very excited, but a recent opportunity came up to turn the lot into a paid parking lot so it will no longer be offered for lunch time rallies.