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Charlottesville, VA: Charlottesville Studying Ways to Accommodate Food Trucks

There is no desire to over-regulate. The main purpose is to create an ordinance to make it legal and welcome these uses in the city

Falls Church, VA: No Violations for Falls Church Food Truck

A "critical violation" is one that "poses a direct or immediate threat to the safety of the food being served." Non-critical violations are generally related to cleaning or maintenance.

Arlington, VA: Restaurant Talk – Food Trucks on the Decline?

By Nick Freshman | ARLNow.com Hello ARLnow readers! I have been a fan of this site since its earliest days, and I am now proud to...

Norfolk, VA: DOCUMENT – Norfolk City Council Debates Letting Food Trucks Operate Downtown

If we were in a bigger and more populated area it would work because you have millions of people to support the food trucks and the surrounding restaurants

Norfolk, VA: Norfolk Council Discusses StricterRules for Food Trucks

If the City Council decides to allow food trucks in downtown, it probably will be with stricter regulations than have been proposed.

Arlington, VA: Examiner Local Editorial – Arlington should accommodate, not punish, food trucks

The rules are intended to protect brick-and-mortar restaurants, which count on having an oligopoly when it comes to local workers' food options.

Arlington, VA: Arlington Food Trucks Rally To Fight County Restrictions

Food truck owners in Arlington County are fighting county regulations and what they say is a spike in police enforcement that is ruining their business.

Norfolk, VA: Pita Pit Eyes Nontraditional Growth

The sandwich chain Pita Pit is making a push into nontraditional growth with the opening of units in a mobile trailer on a Navy base and in a Colorado convenience store.