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Ontario, CAN: Ontario’s First Vegan Food Truck Hits Hamilton Streets

The couple's focus on sustainability and community is leading to partnerships with various groups. The first is Oliver's Garden, a backyard garden project for charity. The Thomsons will feature a special menu item with the tomatoes grown from Oliver's Garden throughout the summer. Part of the proceeds will go back to the charity.

New York, NY: Food Carts Team Up with New York Transit Museum

Midtown Lunch and the New York Transit Museum recently partnered to offer a tour of about 15 food trucks called “Midtown Eats! With Blondie and Brownie.”

Sterling, VA: New Food Truck Fueled by Plants

Veganism is much like vegetarianism; however, vegans eschew all animal food products, including dairy, egg and honey. Though the Randy Radish is by definition vegan, owners Nancy Jezior and Sharon Lindblad prefer the term “plant-based cuisine.”

Stuart, FL: Ginny Beagan – Prepare for the Food Truck Invasion at Memorial Park

Twenty-five food trucks are expected to take part in the first Stuart food truck invasion at Memorial Park.

Manhattan, NYC: Make A Resolution To Eat More Veggies? The $5.50 Lunch Truck’s Veg...

Whenever I’m craving vegetables, my mind often wanders to the $5.50 Lunch Truckrun by the affable Kiflu at the corner of Ann St. & Nassau.

Philadelphia, PA: V For Vegv – 2012: Philly’s Year of the Vegetarian

We visually chronicled these vegetarian and vegan options throughout 2012 in our twin photo galleries (philly.com/vsigns) of venues touting such wares.

Seabirds Vegan Food Truck: One Woman’s Healthy Revolution For Street Food

Seabirds is a 100% vegan truck that features local organic produce.