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Food Truck Permit Black Market

There are only 3,000 citywide

Champaign, IL: City Launches Mobile Food Truck Pilot Project

Vendors would be able to operate within seven areas

Food Truck Suspension Savings – Savory Deals for Meals on Wheels

Food truck owners have to be sure their vehicles are always full

When a Truck Isn’t Enough for Mobile Food

A wood-burning oven on a food truck.

Vancouver, CAN: Park Board Approves Food Truck Program

The park board is going to host a tasting event with 15 judges.

Food Truck Review: SD Sushi Ninjas

There’s a new truck on the block.

Dallas Amends Food Truck Regulations

Good news for Food Trucks this morning

Nissan Jumps on the Food Truck Trend with a Concept Van

NV2500 model vans outfitted for the show as commercial food trucks

Wash, DC: Tasty Kabob Cook Suffers Minor Burns in Propane Accident

“I guess it burned her a little bit on the side of the face,”