White Rock, NM: J.R.’s BB food truck opens in White Rock

J.R.’s BB is now open in White Rock, next to Metzger’s. The breakfast and lunch food truck’s specialties are soft tacos and burritos.

By Jill McLaughlin  |  Lamonitor.com

A new food truck has rolled into White Rock and brought with it some old, hometown flavors that are sure to please many appetites.

J.R.’s BB has opened for business between Metzger’s and the gas station, in front of the Los Alamos Training Center.
“BB stands for breakfast burritos,” explains owner and cook Larry Roybal.

Locals might recognize Roybal from Los Alamos’s Chile Works. He spent 20 years at the hometown favorite located on Trinity Drive. His father started Chile Works 30 years ago.

“I finally went out on my own,” Roybal said.

Roybal opened for business three days last week and has already managed to snag a few regular customers with his specialties of soft tacos and burritos.

J.R.’s BB serves breakfast bagels, shredded beef tacos, chicken tacos, Frito pies, enchiladas, hamburgers, jumbo hotdogs and ice cold drinks. The truck is open Monday through Fridays from 6:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. If he runs out if food, he might close early some days, he said.

“I was open last week for three days and I thought I did pretty good for nobody knowing,” he said.