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Food Truck Operators Call D.C.’s Parking-Meter Crackdown Unfair

Public Works has been cracking down on food trucks

Winter Park, FL: 24/7 Food Truck Stop Launches

He charges the mobile vendors $350 on a month-to-month basis and provides

Oklahoma ABLE Commission Proven To Be As Obnoxious & Superfluous As They Conduct Armed...

A Sovietized Gestapo sweeping out of the blue, guns at the ready, to shut down a family-fun event

NYC: Food Truck Crackdown Spreads to Midtown East

Food trucks have taken a signficant hit as police enforcement has increased, said David Weber, 34, president of the NYC Food Truck Association

Asheville, NC: Contentious Planning Meeting Sees Tie Vote on Food Trucks in Downtown

Asheville’s Commission couldn’t come to an agreement about proposed rules allowing food trucks

Truck You: The Travails of Mobile Food Vendors

Meals on wheels…But who knows for how long?

Raleigh, NC: Food Truck Decision at a Standstill

A new ordinance regulating food trucks is at a standstill after Raleigh City Council’s Law and Public Safety Committee decided Tuesday that more research is necessary...

Oakland, CA: Steering Food Trucks

Desley Brooks, the council member opposed to having the program enter he district....

NYC: Police Driving Food Trucks Off Popular Midtown Blocks

Food truck drivers say police have banished them from two Midtown blocks that have long been among the city's most popular lunchtime destinations.

Hollister, CA: Officials Work on Information Campaign for Street Vendors

"A lot of the food they sell is stored on the ground in the dirt and they have no food safety knowledge."