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Omaha, NE: N.Y.-style pizzeria now open in midtown; is a food truck next?

The restaurant opened this week and is serving New York-style pizza as well as “grandma pie” — a thin pan pizza that’s popular in Long Island and New Jersey — salad and Italian desserts. The restaurant has a bar that stocks beer, wine and select liquors.

Lincoln, NE: Pepe’s Bistro’s Dream of Sustainability Continues with Food Truck Solar Panels

By doing this solar-powered food truck, it’s going to be a tiny step toward a few other projects,” Fierro said. “One of them being building a restaurant that’s going to be completely off the grid.

Omaha, NE: Localmotive Food Truck now serving lunch in Old Market

Localmotive Food Truck is now serving lunch in addition to late-night food in the Old Market.

Omaha, NE: B-skew’d food truck operator opens Council Bluffs eatery

“It’s a combination of different types of flavors,” said owner Christopher Hamenoo. “I took different styles and combined them. It’s my own style of cooking.”

Columbus, OH: Credit-Card Technology Boosts tipping from Customers

The rise in debit- and credit-card use — at food trucks, at coffee shops, in taxis and elsewhere — is increasingly exposing customers to screens with tipping suggestions, which in turn are compelling them to add tips more and more often.

Columbus, OH: 8 Best Columbus Food Truck Meals

Columbus is a food city, and in addition to the best taco truck scene in the Midwest, we’ve got more than our fair share of other mobile eateries. Here are our recommendations for great food truck dining in Columbus.

Omaha, NE: Coming in August – A Piccolo Pete’s Food Truck

One of Omaha’s oldest old-school steakhouses is taking a turn for the decidedly modern: Piccolo Pete’s is starting a food truck.

Winnetka, IL: Let Loose on Lincoln to Feature FOOD TRUCKS

Food trucks from the Chicago area are firing up the griddles and putting their trucks in gear, bound for Winnetka.

Columbus, OH: Food Truck Hopping with Columbus Food Adventures

Columbus Food Adventures, a food tour company that began operating in Ohio's capital in 2010, offersnine different food tours, two of which focus specifically on food trucks: a Taco Truck Tour, and a more general Food Truck Tour.

Columbus, OH: New Rules Coming for Food Trucks

The new regulations set up areas in which the trucks can set up, including in public right-of-ways. Before Monday's ordinance, that was not allowed.