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Columbus, OH: Food Truck Pilot Program To Launch, Despite Simmering Controversy

When you prep up a bunch of fresh food and you put your employees on the truck, and you need a place to go (you) hope that you're going to get a spot and then maybe get shut out of a spot, that can be tough

Columbus, OH: Food Trucks Getting Street Parking Access – but No Guaranteed Spots

Columbus is set to open street parking spaces for food trucks, but getting those prime spots could be a fight.

Columbus, OH: Food Truck Vendors Get Details On New Pilot Program

The program is meant to regulate the approximately 150 food trucks that conduct business in and around Columbus.

Columbus, OH: That Food Truck Brunch at Seventh Son

This Saturday was one of those perfect spring days with sunshine and low temps--ideal for fully appreciating Seventh Son's airy indoor/outdoor setup. Can't wait to go back this week!

Columbus, OH: 2013 Food Truck and Cart Hop Begins

The Food Truck and Cart Hop culminates a week of celebration for Hal & Al’s, who’s officially turned four. Many weren’t sure if the vegan restaurant would survive, but the response to what’s simply and undeniably good food has elevated not only the eatery’s offerings, but their commitment to the community that embraced them as well.

Columbus, OH: Older Food Trucks Update With New Outlooks for 2013

As the food truck culture continues to explode on the Columbus food scene, changes must be made. Evolution is the grandfather of longevity, and to that end, several trucks are getting a makeover this Spring – gussying up, scaling down, and adding stripes – all to cater to the growing numbers who get their daily grub from a mobile restaurant.

Columbus, OH: New Food Trucks 2013 – Dr. Mom’s Tasty Bites

Dr. Mom’s offers tasty and healthy paninis, burgers, and sides all with a Mediterranean flair. Determined to provide customers with “good food prepared in a healthy way”, the Veggie Panini, a large sandwich comprised of nut-free pesto, grilled onions, eggplant, zucchini, roasted red peppers and mozzarella cheese, is indicative of what Dr. Mom stands for.

Columbus, OH: New Food Trucks 2013 – The Grub Gallery

Food, like art, is subjective. Everyone has an opinion about what constitutes “good” bred out of a combination of upbringing and aesthetic. To test your current taste standard of both, check out the debut of The Grub Gallery truck at Dinin’ Hall, 400 W. Rich Street, this April.

Columbus, OH: New Food Trucks 2013 – Smoke Out BBQ

Smoked meats and warm weather go together, well, like smoked meat and warm weather. Warmth is no guarantee, but Smoke Out BBQ truck will deliver on the finger-licking, grilled goodness promised by the name.

Columbus, OH: New Food Trucks 2013 – Stacey’s 5 Dollar Hollar

Although Stacey’s 5 Dollar Hollar is not technically a “new” food truck, they will be new to a crowd of hungry foodies when they debut at Dinin’ Hall this month. Originally from Marion, Stacey’s combination of Korean and Mexican fare can usually be bought at 868 W. Lane Avenue where the truck regularly sets up in front of Campus Pitt Stop and U-Haul.