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Columbus, OH: Department of Public Safety Closer to New Rules for Food Trucks

The Columbus Department of Public Safety is writing new regulations for mobile food trucks and adding a fresh layer of inspections

Columbus, OH: Columbus Plans New Laws Regulating Food Trucks

City officials in Columbus are looking into new laws because of increasing tension between the food truck operators and restaurant owners and neighborhood leaders.

Columbus, OH: Ohio City Plans New Laws Regulating Food Trucks

Columbus officials get complaints about city's estimated 150 trucks

Columbus, OH: Meals on Wheels

City, food-truck owners can work together for growth, harmony

Columbus, OH: Local Food Truck Employees, Bystanders Take A Stand Against Bullying

The owners of Mikey’s Late Night Slice posted to the company’s Facebook page stating they are proud of their workers for standing up for what is right.

Columbus, OH: Columbus Raises Licensing Fees 10 Percent on Mobile Food Vendors

Anytime you do a 10 percent cost increase, it's got to affect something somewhere

Columbus, OH: Columbus Plans New Laws Regulating Food Trucks

We want to be welcoming to food trucks, and we will do everything we can to help them grow, but we must also protect the public in doing so

Columbus, OH: Best Food Cart/Truck of 2012 – That Food Truck

The Food Truck craze showed no signs of slowing in 2012. If anything, food trucks and food carts have become second nature to many Columbus locals, who find them at food pods, parked outside of popular bars, and at any number of summer festivals large and small.

Columbus, OH: City Will Dish Up Rules on Food Trucks

The city of Columbus is promising new laws next year to regulate how businesses serve meals after tensions escalated among food-truck owners and city officials, neighborhood leaders and restaurant owners.

Columbus, OH: Food Truck Operators Band Together To Seek Rule Changes, Including On-Street Sales

I don’t think they want to stop us from making a living or feeding people