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Red Cross Disaster Kitchen Gets a Workout & a Wake-Up

The mobile kitchen can feed not only victims of a disaster, but also all the rescue and relief crews that would be there to help.

Tori Spelling Orders From a Food Truck at the E! Network

Tori Spelling was spotted leaving the E! building and heading straight for the food trucks parked outside to grab a bite yesterday…

If The Food Network Chefs Had Food Trucks…..

These days, everyone wants a piece of the food truck action. Certainly it won’t be long before we start seeing these things rolling up outside our homes and offices:

Tweet, Tweet…. Listen Carefully To Your Customers!

AT&T network managers monitor Twitter for “AT&T”, “3G” and “iphone” for complaints as away to improve customer service. Steve Moser, network visitor program manager for AT&T says “People do not call anymore to complain so we have to use social media tools.”

Food Network Filming “Eat Street” аt Beverly Hills Porsche

Food Network Canada followed a few οf thе Los Angeles food trucks fοr a special "Eat Street" TV ѕhοw. Thеу caught up wіth thе world famous Grilled Cheese Truck melting cheesy treats іn front οf thе Beverly Hills Service Center οn Santa Monica Blvd.