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Forth Worth, TX: Fort Worth to Vote on Food Truck Ordinance

Fort Worth is expected to vote on a new ordinance Tuesday covering the rapidly growing food truck market.

El Segundo, CA: El Segundo Reconsidering Food Truck Limits

El Segundo city leaders this week will consider repealing part of a local law that limits how long the vendors can idle on public streets.

Las Vegas, NV: Council Can’t Decide on Changes to Regulate Vegas Food Trucks [video]

Restaurants & food trucks attract different types of customers so he saw no conflict" says Councilman Steve Ross

Las Vegas, NV: Council Can’t Decide on Changes for Regulating Food Trucks

Council members could not agree on a distance requirement

Portland, ME: Council to Take Up Food Truck Ordinance

Restaurateurs recognize that the food trucks really are a different market than what they serve

Submit a Video for a Chance to be Filmed for an Eat St. Segment

Eat St. is encouraging vendors across the U.S & Canada to submit a short video of their food cart

Little Rock: Vote for Green Cuisine on Food Network

Green Cuisine, is in the running for a Food Network show and $10,000.

Want to Help a Local Food Truck Find Newfound Fame? Go Vote For It!

Let’s give a little love for the only Tucson food truck in the competition.

Raleigh Delays Vote on Food Trucks

Food truck operators came to City Hall this afternoon expecting to celebrate. Instead, they were left with the sour taste of bureaucracy.