Colorado Springs, CO: Food Truck Friday: The Heavenly Dessert Company

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Food Truck Friday: The Heavenly Dessert Company

For the month of May, News5 is taking a closer look at the Food Trucks available in Southern Colorado. We wanted to learn their stories as the Food Truck Industry continues to grown in popularity across the Nation.

After three weeks of delicious savory foods, we decided to finish our Food Truck Friday with something a little more sweet, The Heavenly Dessert Company.

Owner, and Founder Stephanie Van Wuffen could always be found in the kitchen baking. A passion that only grew as she did. Stephanie took that love of baking straight to college, where she received her degree in Baking and Pastry from Johnson and Wales University, she also studied Business Management at UCCS. A perfect pairing that would ultimately help her pursue her dream.

The company started out as a food truck. The sweet treats all made at the commercial kitchen, and then loaded onto the truck for the day. When asked why she decided on a dessert food truck, Stephanie said because it’s unique, they offer something very different than what other food trucks offer. They also give customers the chance to order items you can only get in a restaurant, like Creme Brulee.

The food truck quickly grew in popularity, and that meant it was time for an expansion. The commercial kitchen eventually turned into a store front.

Of course you can still catch the truck at various businesses and events, but you always have the option to head to the store to pick up some delicious dessert.

The Heavenly Dessert Company has a variety of breakfast pastries on their menu, sure to satisfy any sweet tooth craving. But if you are in the mood for something more savory they have that too, from sandwiches to seasonal salads and wraps.

“Oh my gosh, that’s delicious,” said Shellene. “The creme brulee, and that salted caramel brownie, I never thought they would go together but oh my gosh it’s so good.”

Shellene wasn’t the only one left completely satisfied after eating the desserts. The entire News 5 team was left in awe after tasting a sampling of what The Heavenly Dessert Company had to offer, and that includes to gourmet grilled cheese sandwich that Stephanie made.

“I usually only enjoy my wife’s baking, but I’ll make an exception every time for these guys, they certainly know how to make some sweat treats,” said Ira Cronin.

To top it all off they (of course) have mouth watering desserts available. But why stop there? You can order desserts to take home. And what else goes better with dessert than coffee? Yup, they have lattes, mochas and cafes too.

For more information about The Heavenly Dessert Company, click here.