Eagan, MN: Lunds & Byerlys Goes Pop-Up With Food Trucks

By Kat Martin | Winsight Grocery Business

Lunds & Byerlys has introduced an innovative “pop-up” in which local food trucks park in the deli department of a store in Eagan, Minn. 

The concept, which the chain is calling Eat Street, opened Sept. 24 featuring the food truck O’Cheeze, known for gourmet grilled cheese, as its first installation. It comes at a time when foodservice has been especially hard hit by restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic and altered people’s eating, shopping and work habits.

“We are excited to bring Eat Street—and the incredible offerings from so many food trucks—to the deli at Lunds & Byerlys Eagan. It’s a unique way to bring new and exciting food to our customers, while also inviting the devoted foodie followers of local food trucks to step in and discover Lunds & Byerlys,” said John Stueland, deli director for Lunds & Byerlys.

Each installation will be featured for about two months and open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. before a new food truck offering will be moved into the Eat Street space. Several local eateries have already signed on.

“This pop-up kitchen space will allow customers to try some of the best and most innovative street food fare the Twin Cities has to offer without tracking down a food truck. Plus, the frequent rotation of food truck vendors will allow for continued discovery,” Stueland added.