Food Trucks Respond to Needs of Tornado Victims and Responders

Photo courtesy of The Butcher's Son
By Stephanie |
Photo courtesy of Cup-Cakin
Whether its bringing awareness to an under-utilized area or participating in a charity event, the DFW Food Trucks continually look for ways to support the communities that support them. The feeling of being a integral part of the community was seen strongly this week when the trucks stepped up to raise money for the Red Cross Disaster Team and serve the victims and responders in Kennedale and Lancaster, two of the most devastated areas of the Metroplex.
So-Cal Tacos was the first to post that they would be serving dinner in the impacted areas and would be collecting donations to assist in that service.  After their daily lunch service, they spent the late part of the afternoon in Kennedale, serving to victims in that area and providing food and drinks.
Photo courtesy of The Butcher's Son
Cup-Cakin, were the first to head to Lancaster, setting up in the relief station areas. These stations were also the drop spots for restaurants to leave box meals that were donated. Owner Ashley Green felt honored to be able to help support the responders who were working on the scene.
Shortly after lunch, owner Bryce Tomberlin and truck manager Josh Marks  from The Wiener Man were stocked up and ready to serve Lancaster. After trying the station, they spoke to a Dallas County Sheriff Officer about their desire to serve those residents impacted by the storms. The Officer escorted them to the area hardest hit by the tornados.  Wiener Man was able to set up outside a church pre-school that had been damaged and serve the people in the neighborhood who were out cleaning up and trying to make sense of the turmoil around them. Seeing the scene first hand made a significant impact to Bryce, who has committed to continuing to help the victims of these tornados continue to rebuild.
At dinner time, Nammi and The Butcher’s Son went down to Lancaster and set up at the same relief stations that Cup-Cakin has set up earlier.  The relief workers came in shifts and were able to take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the hot, fresh tacos and hot sandwiches from the trucks before returning to work. Nammi co-owner, Gary Torres calls it an “extreme honor to be able to help. Many volunteers commented that they were extremely grateful for the hot, fresh meals”.   Dain Pool, The Butcher’s Son co-owner says that this is one way that they, are putting words in to action, “..from the beginning of our entry in to the Metroplex we said that everything we are doing is for our customers and our community. Serving the storm victims, along with donating 60% of sales from The Butcher’s Son and Gandolfo’s New York Deli  is one way we support the community and the customers who have done so much for us.”
Whether  serving  at the disaster scene or not, several trucks found ways to give back to the Red Cross, as mentioned, both The Butcher’s Son and Gandolfo’s New York Deli will be donating 60% of all sales between April 5 and April 10 to the Red Cross.  Enticed Shaved Ice will be donating 100% of sales between April 5 and April 7 to the Red Cross; Nammi will be collecting tips and donating $10 for every t-shirt sold and Rockstar Bakeshop will be donating tips to the Red Cross.
Gary, from Nammi summarized the entire experience with “I am very proud to be part of such a great (food truck) community that gives back and helps unconditionally!”
I know that all of us, whether truck owner, customer or blogger are proud of our association with all of you!