Funnel Swirls™ – The Hot, New Food is on the Move


Funnel Swirls™ are the newest twists on a crowd favorite! They have the taste you can’t resist of a funnel cake on easy-to-eat, 12-inch sticks. Funnel Swirls™ are the ultimate walking food, freeing up one hand for increased beverage sales. You can make them in a flash to keep the crowds coming back for more! Simply pour the mix into the Multi-Mold, which makes three Funnel Swirls™ at a time in approximately 30 seconds. (The 12″ sticks are #4158 and packed 5,000 per case; the Multi-Mold is #5180.) You can also follow along with an instructional video that is available online at

For profit-packed sales and to keep your customers coming back for more, use the highest quality mix that still has a low food cost. Try either the original recipe deluxe Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix (#5100) or the Old Fashioned Funnel Cake Mix (#5115). The special batter formulas sear quickly and reduce cooking oil absorption, which helps maintain higher temperatures. You’ll cook more funnel cakes per hour for increased profits and they’ll taste better!

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