Grover Beach, CA: New weekly food truck court “GBeatZ” opens in Grover Beach

By Gina Abalos |

A new outdoor dining space is helping local businesses during these hard economic times.

A food truck court located in Grover Beach called GBeatZ started out as an idea to help some friends and turned into something bigger.

“We started reaching out to food trucks and restaurants and other food businesses that were set up for that and that’s how it evolved into being this food court,” said Anthony Salas, Epic Entertainment Group President.

With the help of the City of Grover Beach, Salas opened up the parking lot of his business to help other local businesses every week.

“For cottage bakers such as myself, this provides a storefront so to speak for people to come and purchase my goodies,” said Briana Suel, owner of Brown Sugar Bakehouse.

Salas says there’s something different every day for people to come out and enjoy.

“Yeah, we just try to mix it up to make sure there’s no crossover in the type of vendors that are out here. We got everything from hot dogs to vegan food, to bbq.”

The owner of Plant Ivy Food Truck says this opportunity was a huge help.

“I think it’s helping us a lot, it’s very kind of him,” said Ivy Alvarado.

She adds it’s good to have the chance to expand locally.

“Our customers are really needing us down there.”

Something that started out as a temporary way to help, according to Salas, is now looking like it could stay for a while.

“The goal has changed for a bit. It looks like we are probably going to try to do this on a more permanent basis post-COVID because we are getting so many vendors that want something like this,” he said.

The food truck court will continue on a weekly basis Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. It is located at 675 W. Grand Avenue in Grover Beach.