Houston: Lunch in the Bag from the Lunch Bag Truck

By Nkenge Berry-Owens | Style News Wire

When I was a kid my dad always packed my lunch for school in a brown paper bag.    I was always the dorky kid with the same basic lunch every day – sandwich, chips, cookies, and a drink usually in a leaky thermos.  Fast forward to my lunches today and for the most part they consist of whatever food I experimented with the night before. Instead of a brown paper bag, they are in fancy insulated monogrammed lunch kits.

This week I decided to do things differently. I waited in a line for over an hour to get some comfort food at The Lunch Bag Truck. Noel Furniture Store hosted a Food Truck Food Court and The Lunch Bag was one of the six featured trucks. It served up southern comfort food with a Cajun twist. The Lunch Bag was able to fill every order when some of the other trucks ran out of food. I sample quite a few items including catfish tacos, jerk chicken tacos, the blacken fish sandwich, Cajun chicken sliders, sweet potato balls, and homemade raspberry tea.

The standouts for me were the Cajun chicken sliders and sweet potato balls.  The sliders were perfectly seasoned and portioned and the sweet potato balls were as tasty as a sweet potato pie at Thanksgiving.  They were coated in cinnamon sugar, deep fried, and  then sprinkled with powdery sugar.  The only thing I didn’t love about the lunch truck was the wait. The staff was a two-person operation when clearly more people were needed.  The person taking the orders to his credit, kept a huge smile on his face and he maintained a pleasant demeanor the entire time. All and all I would give them a solid B+ for serving under pressure. They can be fond at their usual spot on S. Gessner @ Braeswood most Tuesdays – Saturdays. Orders can even be called in for delivery at (281) 408-0442, which is even better. They are on the web at thelunchbag.net.

Not in the Braeswood area for lunch? That’s okay. Urban Harvest another food truck has returned for the fall season. It can be found at City Hall around the reflecting pool every Wednesday and other food trucks are sure to be there.