Italy: Pizza Pilgrims – Week 1


 ITALY – Brothers James and Thom Elliot have masterminded a new street food business venture in the UK; selling traditional Italian pizzas, served fresh from a custom made oven in the back of a three-wheeler Piaggio Ape van. The pair will pack in their hectic London lifestyles to follow this culinary dream; risking it all for their new business.

The brothers have flown out to the southernmost point of the Italian mainland, collected their van and have now started their 2000 mile drive back to the UK. Driving at a max speed of 40mph, the boys are quite literally taking the long way home. James and Thom are using this road trip to completely immerse themselves in Italian culture, history and traditions; eagerly absorbing as much of the local lifestyles and food as possible.

Week 1

The journey has officially begun. On Sunday 9th James and Thom touched down in Lamezia Terme Airport, Italy.

Monday morning was the first of many early starts for the boys, as they went to collect their only mode of transport for the next month – a brand new, racing green, Piaggio Ape.

The brothers enjoyed a morning full of test driving and getting to grips with the three-wheeled van, before hitting the road and driving to Spilinga for onion ice cream tasting the next day.

By Thursday they had reached Scalea, and decided to investigate the local chilli pepper, Peperoncino. The boys started their Peperoncino education by visiting a pepper plantation to see how they’re grown. They then moved on to a factory, observing how a jarred conserve of the peppers is prepared. Finally, they tried their hand at cooking with the peppers.

The beautiful Island of Capri is where James and Thom got to visit the home of the famous Italian beverage, Limoncello. They strolled through the lemon groves before witnessing the brewing process first hand. After a tantalizing wait, they finally got their hands on the refreshing but bitter drink; easily consuming much more than their fair share!

The weekend was spent in Napoli, where the guys checked out some local food markets, visited the oldest pizzeria in Napoli and took advise from an expert pizza chef. They also visited a tomato and pasta factory and were taught some valuable culinary lessons in a local cooking school.



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