San Francisco, CA: Sameer Siddiqui of Pakistani Food Truck RickShaw Stop on Doing Homework and Running a Family Business

By Contributor  |  Food Truck Empire




I used to sit in parking lots and count their [food trucks] customers. Things like that. – Sameer Siddiqui on doing competitive research for Rickshaw Stop.

I don’t think I we’d have the success if it wasn’t for my wife and my business background. But it’s one of those things that we’re trying to take the best out of those backgrounds and put them into something brand new. – Sameer Siddiqui on taking advantage of his business background.
Sameer Siddiqui stresses the importance of doing you homework before diving head first into the food truck business. Sameer also practices what he preaches spending almost a year researching and developing the plan for RickShaw Stop, a food truck serving up Pakistani cuisine to residents of San Antonio and the surrounding area. While Sameer doesn’t believe you need to spend that much time on the homework portion before getting started… The more research you put in on the front-end understanding the landscape the better your chance for success with be.

Sameer also stresses the importance of building a team to ensure the success of a food truck and your personal sanity. After all one can only work 20 hour days for so long before becoming totally and mentally exhausted. Siddiqui has built a team around his mother, the head chef of RickShaw Stop. His wife is also an active and essential part of operating the business and does a lot of the PR / social media participation.

There’s almost too much information in this interview as Siddiqui covers the importance of being consistent, the importance of customer loyalty, along with he and his wife’s inspiration for starting RickShaw Stop. Just listen to the interview already!