South Bend, IN: South Bend first food truck, the Grateful Green, now open

By Shellye Leggett  |  Careers At Quincy

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SOUTH BEND – The wait is over. South Bend is now a food truck city. It was a long road, but the Owner of the Grateful Green Food Truck, Jessie Miles, said she hopes they’re paving the way for more trucks in the future.

She said she got the name for her food truck from her favorite band Grateful Dead and having fast vegan food options such as; salads, smoothies, soups and sandwiches.

“We have a lot of health choices here in the city, but it’s usually at a place you have to sit down and it takes a while,” said Miles.

She wanted the option for people on the go, but getting it going wasn’t always a smooth ride.

“I originally had the idea about two years ago,” said Miles.

A South Bend Food Truck Ordinance was passed back in September with strict guidelines. Like paying a $525 annual fee for every truck, only parking in spots not obstructing people’s right of way and only for up to four hours and they also have to pass health and fire inspections.

It wasn’t ideal weather to open a food truck, but that didn’t stop people from going out and trying the food.

“I saw it posted online and I wanted to come down and be one of the first people to take a sample,” said Willow Wetherall.

“They needed it, South Bend needed it,” said Angel Cenclewski.


Even Mayor Buttigeig joined them on his lunch break, showing support for the newest addition to downtown. A place where Miles said food trucks will make the difference.

“I hope that they do go ahead with that and make this city a place where people want to come to and lots of unique dining options,” said Miles.

The Grateful Green Food Truck has a full schedule of times and places it can be found here and on their facebook and twitter pages.