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Tag: Ordinance

Richmond, KY: Food truck frenzy; Vendors give mixed emotions about new food truck requirements

By Taylor Six | Richmond Register When a Facebook post from a Richmond fire inspector was made...

Jacksonville, NC: Food truck owner appealing for ordinances, more support of business

By Molly Levine and Annette Weston | News Channel ABC 12 JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County — Food truck vendors in...

Alabama: Mobile Finance Committee to take up Mobile’s first Food Truck Ordinance proposal

By Keith Lane | NBC15 The Mobile Finance Committee to take up Mobile first proposed Food Truck Ordinance.

Cumberland, UK: Food truck ordinance would make it easier to run events

By Ethan Shorey  |  Valley Breeze CUMBERLAND – Adoption of a new ordinance governing the operation of food trucks in town would smooth the process...

Richmond, VA: Is food truck ordinance too restrictive?

By Taylor Six  |  Richmond Register With the Richmond City Commission to discuss and potentially approve the first reading of Ordinance 19-24, or "the food...

Sylva, NC: Sylva to revisit food truck rules

By Holly Kays  |  Smoky Mountain News With two years elapsed since Sylva passed its first-ever food truck ordinance in July 2017, the town board...

Des Moines, IA: City has double standard on food trucks

Proposed restrictions for food vendors could limit taco truck businesses in Des Moines.

Ft. Wayne, IN: Food Truck Inspections – Department of Health weighs in

It's that time of year when delicious food trucks are popping up all over, but how do you know if they're clean?

Marquette, MI: New regulations raise the freedoms for food trucks

By Molly Thekan  |  Upper MIchigan Source MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) Food trucks in the Marquette area have been gearing up for summer. With the new...

Fredericton, NJ: Fredericton food truck owner seeks new rules to expand access

Jack Youssef says the city lags behind others in allowing food trucks, proposes opening up bylaw