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San Diego, CA: Roving Fresh and Simple in a Food Truck

When the food truck craze began boiling over in Los Angeles, San Diegans were left scratching their heads.

Towson, MD: More Food Trucks Rolling into Towson?

Baltimore's nascent gourmet food truck market has kicked into overdrive in the last year.

Stamford, CT: New Vendor Brings Steam to Scalzi Park

Shaun Zaro, owner of the truck, and his wife, Becky, serve steamed fast food, what they call the healthier unhealthy option.

Pittsburgh, PA: A Good Day For a Food Truck Stop

The food truck movement, which has grown so fast in other cities that the original guys are seething over the band wagon effect, is still in training pants here.

Panama City, FL: Jump On The Food Truck Revolution

Kuntz started Raw and Juicy in April 2008 to educate people about what they were eating and to bring the community together.

Silver Spring, MD: Food Trucks Accelerate Pace

There are 93 licensed food trucks in Montgomery County, county spokeswoman Mary Anderson said.

Where To Eat Right Now: 10 Houston Food Trucks You Need to Find

Houston’s food truck business is growing faster than the rising price of gas. Thankfully. And with these new mobile gems comes an influx of creative culinary inspiration.

Off the Grid is Making Street Food Mainstream

Almost every food craving you could ever think of could be satisfied by at least one of the food trucks at any given Off the Grid location in San Francisco.

Food Truck Fight: Sâuçá vs. DC Love Bites

The Web site for the four eye-catching Sâuçá trucks calls the business "a unique new global lifestyle brand that combines food, travel, music, design, technology, and fun.

Fort Lauderdale: New Food Truck “Munchie One” Rolls

Gourmet food truck Munchie One is up and running in Fort Lauderdale, serving sandwiches and burgers. The venture is owned and operated by Frank McGuffin and Pablo Morales, who met back during their high school days in Charleston, S.C..