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Coolhaus Opening Brick and Mortar in July

Around the shop one will also notice original truck parts integrated into the space.

Chicago: Phillip Foss to Open Restaurant Alongside Meatyballs Kitchen

The Le Cirque alum launched his Meatyballs concept a few weeks after leaving Lockwood in the Palmer House Hotel last August.

Philly: Memphis Taproom’s Beer Garden and Hot Dog Truck Official Opening

The mint-green hot dog truck will serve up an 11-strong hot dog list with toppings from the usual sauerkraut and onions on the Bigos Bambu to the atypical nori and pickled ginger on its Carlifonia Uber Alles.

Seattle: Marination Food Truck Goes Brick & Mortar

Marination Station has announced that their new fixed-place restaurant will be open for business starting this Friday.

Montclair, NJ: From Four Wheels to Four Walls

“The truck was a way to develop our concept, gain a loyal following, refine our recipes and train the right staff while we looked for the perfect location,” said Mr. Scott, 31, of Hoboken, during a recent interview at the restaurant, a 900-square-foot space with 20 seats.

DC: Restaurants & Food Trucks Duel Over Location

CIty restaurant owners and the District's food truck vendors remained deadlocked on how to resolve the dispute over where the trucks can operate, despite an offer Wednesday by the vendors to be taxed at the same rate as brick-and-mortar businesses.

Cleveland: Don’t Allow Food Trucks to Feed Off of Long-Established, Brick & Mortar Restaurants

I think council would not be representing its constituents who pay taxes, etc. if it were to allow these trucks to park in front of any established, brick-and-mortar restaurant.

R U SERIOUS? Whole Food’s Rooftop Lunch Truck Opens Friday

The “Blue Route Taco” Truck is a real truck, however there is no engine or transmission in it anymore. It was brought up to the roof of Whole Foods via crane one morning.

Food Trucks: Wheeling and Dealing

Food Trucks test market before trying brick-and-mortar retail space

DaisyCakes Looking to Expand From Food Truck to Brick-&-Mortar

If Durham's foodies have shown us one thing this year, it's that food truck and other non-traditional routes can bring excellent new...