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China: KFC rolls out self-driving food trucks in China and it’s sort of wild

By Sean Szymkowski | CNET.com Some experts believe the self-driving cars are in for a boom, thanks to how the coronavirus pandemic has started to reshape how...

Beijing, CHN: Harry’s Café de Wheels to expand into China

One of Sydney’s most iconic pie purveyors, Harry’s Café de Wheels is expanding into China with plans to open 300 pie carts within the next 15 years.

Beijing, CHN: First solar-powered food truck debuts in Beijing

Mobile energy will lead to a revolution in human energy use. Thin films can provide power anytime, anywhere and will help us make sustainable development come true.

Fayetteville, AR: Food Truck Goes to the Dogs in Cross-Country Marketing Event

The samples are free. But the idea is, of course, to sell consumers on new lines of Milo's Kitchen products, Thomas admitted. In January 2013, the company recalled its chicken jerky and chicken grillers treats because trace amounts of residual antibiotics had been found in several lots sourced from China.

Chicago, IL: Jianbing, the Street Food You’ve Never Heard Of, Is Now in Chicago

he street food called jianbing is ubiquitous in Ye "Red" Yuan's hometown of Tianjin, China. People eat it for breakfast or late at night, after drinking. It's fast, cheap, tasty and elicits little of the analysis or hype that, say, whiskey and doughnuts do these days.

Beijing, CN: Beijing’s Famed Street-Food Scene Struggles to Survive

Beijing is transitioning from a city of grease-smudged kitchens to one of high-rise malls packed with boutiques and Sichuan-fusion cuisine joints.

National News: LA Chef Talks Inspiration from Travel for New Dishes

For any chef, inspiration for a new dish is almost always comprised of experiences, memories and travel that can be tasted through the flavor.

Chiang Mai, CN: Where to Eat Street Food in Chiang Mai

A common question I get is where to go for good street food in Chiang Mai.

Xiamen, CN: Night Time Food Market Around Sibei Area Becomes Sought-After in Xiamen

This is like a dream come true!’ said some young ladies who left the food stands satisfied, waving boxes of food in the air after nearly an hour waiting.

Shanghai, CN: Like Street-Food? Then Shanghai is the Place To Go

Just minutes from the stuffy hi-tech business district of modern Shanghai, traditional street food is sold from the back doors of people living in the 1930s-built Jing’an Villas neighborhood