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Columbus,OH: Barrio rolling out Columbus food truck

By Dan Eaton | Columbus Business First Barrio just arrived in Columbus, but it's already expanding. The Cleveland-based taco joint and bar doesn’t have its...

Los Angeles, CA: La Brea Opens Temp. Food Truck During Flagship Expansion

a Brea Bakery has opened a temporary food truck behind the soon to be new home at 468 South La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles, Calif.

Phoenix, AZ: Storm Damage Delays Gilbert Food Truck Food Court Expansion Until Next Week

Looks like the expansion of the Gilbert Food Truck Food Court to three days per week is on hold until next week.

New Orleans, LA: Mayor Landrieu Vetoes Food Truck Ordinance, Citing Legal Concerns

ayor Mitch Landrieu has vetoed an ordinance allowing for an expansion of food trucks in the city, telling City Council members that he and his staff have concerns about the legality of the ordinance.

Vancouver, CAN: Restaurant Industry Applauds Vancouver Foodcarts

I think it’s pretty public that we had a few conflicts over the expansion of food trucks, over the little while. We’ve talked to city hall and we’ve talked to the mayor’s office and I think what we’ve agreed, you know, where we are right now with the 103 trucks in Vancouver is working and everyone is respecting their territories in terms of encroachment,

Vancouver, CAN: Food Truck Pods Coming to Vancouver

Every year the City of Vancouver reviews its tremendously popular food truck program and this year will be no different.

San Francisco, CA: Food Trucks – Your New Expansion Vehicle

What’s unique about The Melt’s trucks is that they are roughly identical to its traditional stores.

SBA Chief Serves Up Advice & Admiration for Food Trucks

“These food truck owners are important

Toronto, CAN: City Stalls Gourmet Food Trucks

Some city councillors want to permit food trucks


The most talented sidewalk culinary impresarios will battle