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Atlanta, GA: One Food Truck’s Fight Against Childhood Obesity

Happy Belly serves up healthy, organic, locally-sourced option

Altadena, CA: McKinley’s Musical Rock Stars Added to Fancy Food Truck Friday

Fancy Food Truck Friday runs from 4-9 PM, and caps off a full day of fundraising for sponsor Danny's Farm, whose mobile petting farm will also be at the event.

Louisville, KY: Local Business is Going Mobile to Serve Farm Fresh Food

I kind of combine it with the idea of a farmers market where someone can come weekly to get access to this stuff with also having a full fledge store concept

Charleston, SC: Eat This Tonight – Huevos Rancheros, Po’ Boys, and Whoopie Pies

Charleston Gourmet Burger Company will be grilling up made-to-order burgers and selling bottles of their all-natural, gluten-free burger marinade

Phoenix, AZ: Crepe Bar – Truckin’ Good Food Offers Delicious Crepes

His idea came to light on a flight returning from France. Why not crepes prepared with farm fresh flavors served out of a food truck?

San Diego, CA: A New Breed of Food Truck – Mastiff Sausage Co.

All the food is done from scratch, and as locally-sourced as possible. Instead of farm-to-table, they're calling it seed-to-street. The co-owners have a garden, so the cucumber pickles are homegrown, as are the chilies for their hot sauce.

Oakland, CA: Skyline Alumna Hopes to Open Food Truck Selling Soul Food

The food truck would be the first farm-focused soul food truck in the country. Everything I make is farm-fresh. It would be a historic thing to get this going.

St. Louis, MO: Lulu’s Local Eatery Food Truck to Tote Garden on Top

A “global eclectic” roster of snacks, wraps and bowls

What Boston’s Food Truck Mania Sounds Like

The city, along with the Greenway folks, have added a bunch of new food truck locations this spring.

NYC: Developers Use Vacant Lots for “Neighborhood Building”

"The young people that these kinds of things attract are going to be our target group."