Tag: Food Truck Guidlines

Louisville, KY: Louisville Food Trucks Begin Getting Letter Grades

Food trucks that operate in Louisville are now included in the Department of Public Health and Wellness’ ABC Food Placard Program.

Fairfax County, VA: Lunchtime in Fairfax Parks Offers New Food Truck Options for Reston

The Fairfax County Park Authority has approved five food trucks to vend at six parks - including Lake Fairfax and Baron Cameron.

Las Vegas, NV: Food Truck Rotations Begin Thursday in City’s New Pilot Program Downtown

The lottery system was created after the Las Vegas City Council decided in October that all food trucks must operate at least 150 feet away from existing brick-and-mortar restaurants.

Detroit, MI: Vegan Food Truck Shimmy Shack Parks at Farmers Market

We aim to show that vegetarian food is sexy, tasty, fast and healthier.

National News: Los Angeles Is The Model For Food-Truck Freedom, Washington, D.C. Is Protectionist...

Thankfully, citizens and food-truck operators themselves didn’t stand for this. Widespread and vocal community activism forced the City Council of the District of Columbia to reconsider the proposed regulations.

Saskatoon, CAN: No Food Trucks Ready to Roll in Saskatoon

Restaurateurs have had more than a month to get their food trucks ready to roll after the city gave the green light back in May, but not a single person has applied for a license according to the city.

New Orleans, LA: Mayor – Proposal Provides Fair Guidelines for Food Trucks

Mayor Mitch Landrieu says he and members of the City Council have introduced a new ordinance governing the operation of food trucks in New Orleans.