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Philadelphia, PA: Vendy Winners – Falafel, Cheese Curds, Ice Pops

One of the city's old-timers joined a yearling and a previous winner on stage Saturday at Philadelphia's third annual Vendy Awards.

Philadelphia, PA: Street Vendors Try To Outdo Each Other At Competition

“Philly’s got a great street food scene! Second to none, really. There have been some people that started with restaurants that then went on to open up food trucks. It’s a good mix of immigrant vendors and newer people who may have been born here who come from culinary school or different backgrounds with new ideas.”

Seattle, WA: A Food Truck Pod Is Coming to Pioneer Square

Friday nights could mean food trucks in Occidental Park.

Denver, CO: Civic Center EATS Returns to Downtown Denver

Cvic Center EATS returns Tuesday at 11 a.m., with shaded tables, food trucks and live music.

Rapid City, SD: Food Truck Frenzy hits Rapid City

"The Great Food Truck Race" journey ends for the team that makes the least amount of money each week until there is one team left to claim the cash prize. The grand prize for the winner has varied between the seasons going from $50,000 to $100,000 and then to $50,000 along with their custom food truck. The show will air beginning in August on the Food Network.

Rochester, NY: Bands & Food Trucks At The Public Market

A Food Truck Rodeo which features more than 20 food trucks and local bands. That takes place on the last Wednesday of the month, starting next week and continuing through September. It runs from 5 to 8 p.m.

Baltimore, MD: Gypsy Queen Looks to Add Another Truck to the Caravan

The Gypsy Queen Cafe is hoping to roll out a third food truck by the end of the year.

Raleigh, NC: Destination – Downtown Raleigh Food Truck Rodeo

I expected huge lines at Sunday's event, the first of four planned this year. Luckily, the church my family attends gets out at 11:30 a.m. on Sundays. So we walked over to Fayetteville Street and were among the first in line when it opened at noon.

Davis, CA: The Food Trucks Are Coming – Street Food Rodeo is June 1

Live music, food trucks and carts, valet bike parking. All in the parking lot of 6th and G Street (near the Co-op and Monticello Seasonal Cuisine).

Jamestown, NC: Tina Firesheets – Bring an appetite to Jamestown’s Food Truck Rodeo

The food trucks have been an integral part of our business and give the community of Jamestown more options and also bring a lot of fun and excitement to this small town