Tag: Food Truck Safety

San Antonio, TX: Food Truck Vendors must Adhere to Fire Safety Standards

Once a year, food truck vendors like Frank Collazo are required to pass a health inspection and a fire safety inspection.

Pittsburgh, PA: Food Truck Explosions Raise Concerns About Safety Rules

The trucks also un­dergo a yearly ve­hi­cle in­spec­tion re­quired by the state Depart­ment of Trans­por­ta­tion, but Rich Kirk­patrick, a PennDOT spokes­man, said, “The in­spec­tion looks at the safety of the ve­hi­cle it­self, but not any­thing sup­ple­men­tal like the ad­di­tion of a pro­pane tank.”

Chippewa County, WI: Chippewa Falls City Council Imposes Food Truck Moratorium

Vending food trucks are a growing industry nationwide, but the Chippewa Falls City Council wants more information before allowing trucks to set up shop in the city.

Charlotte, NC: Safety Key for Local Food Trucks After Incident in Philly

The trucks get annual vehicle inspections and checks from the health department - but that's it - and some food truck owners say it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a little more oversight.

Philadelphia, PA: Police – Leak, Grill Heat Caused Philadelphia Food Truck Blast that Injured...

Police say a propane explosion on a Philadelphia food truck that critically injured five people was caused by a significant leak.

Tampa, FL: After Philly Food Truck Explodes, Inspection Questions at Tampa Rally

Tampa Fire Marshal Milton Jenkins heard about the explosion Wednesday morning and immediately thought of Tampa's rally. He checked on the reports and found that the trucks had not been inspected before the event started, as required. So he went down to the food truck rally himself to check it out. He met an inspector there.

Houston, TX: Local Food Truck Owners Agree that Inspections are Necessary to Avoid Accidents

some Houston-area mobile food truck operators have complained in the past that local rules and regulations amount to a burdensome level of bureaucratic red tape.