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Tampa, FL: Food Truck Wars, the Stuff of Mediocrity

Should this food court on wheels succeed, Tampa will surpass Miami, the current record holder with a lousy, stinking, mere 62 trucks parked together all at once in the pursuit of liberty, justice and gastrointestinal adventure.

Seattle, WA: Paleo Food Truck Outside the Box Officially Hits the Streets

Paleo for the people. Especially the people at CrossFit studios.

Atlantic, NJ: A.C. Eatery Wins Food Truck Contest

I made all the recipes, all of the ingredients from scratch. Instead of buying dough we made dough. Instead of buying mozzarella, we make the mozzarella

Tampa, FL: Local Food Truck Headed to Tampa for World Record Bid

The Loafin Around Cafe food truck, which the Butchers own, is expected to be one of around 100 trucks, trying to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest food truck rally Aug. 31 at the Florida State Fairgrounds, organizers say.

Destin, FL: Tasty Tortas – Alligator Pear Food Truck Serves Up Mexican-Inspired Sandwiches

The shredded beef torta marries onion marmalade, roasted poblano peppers, cotija cheese, and chipotle mayo. The pork carnitas are piled high with black beans, pickled onions, avocado, arugula, cotija cheese, and chipotle mayo. The chicken al pastor boasts black beans, tomato, avocado, arugula, and cilantro mayo.

Cincinnati, OH: Food Truck Frenzy – C’est Cheese!

C’est Cheese is a food truck dedicated to serving up gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, soups and home made pickles. All of their items are made to order while you wait. Best of all, these are no ordinary grilled cheese sandwiches.

San Francisco, CA: Restaurants Fighting Food Trucks with Food Trucks

The restaurants take turns offering food. Tamara Lam-Plattes was thrilled the day she got to order from Shanghai Dumpling King. "Which is like way out in the Outer Richmond. I used to live by there so when I saw that they would bring that here for lunch, that's kind of like, amazing," she told ABC7 News.

Tampa, FL: Chef Faedo Invited to Food Truck Championships

Faedo intends to make her trademark Cubano, but she also must decide on a second sandwich to serve for judges during the first round. If she wins her sandwich category, she goes to the final judges table to compete against food in seven other categories, including barbecue, chili, burgers and dessert.

Phoenix, AZ: The Best Food Trucks and Food Porn for Metal Fans

The menu is food porn for metallers at its finest, and changes with daily specials like the Molly Hatchet, a half-pound burger with sausage fennel gravy, maple syrup and bacon.

Orlando, FL: Food Truck Wars

Some say city’s temporary use permit for mobile food vendors is unfair. On one side, there’s the city, which recently passed a “temporary use permit” pilot program that regulates how food trucks do business in the city. City officials say they had no idea just how popular food trucks would be in Orlando until the city was suddenly brimming with them.