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New York, NY: Numerous Soho Food Carts Shut Down By The Health Dept

There are a lot of regulations that mobile food vendors must follow in order to operate within the confines of the law. One of the most important is closing every night to clean the cart and re-stock each day with fresh food.

New Orleans, LA: Proposed Food Truck Ordinance Downsized

A proposed food truck ordinance has been downsized. A new draft was introduced Thursday at a New Orleans City Council meeting.

Bangkok, TH: Street Food Vendors in Bangkok, Thailand

It’s always fascinating to watch street food vendors, especially in foreign countries. Visitors as well as locals are captivated by each cook with their own make-shift cart.

Lexington, KY: Lexington Debates Where Food Trucks Can Set Up Shop

Work continues to try and determine where Lexington mobile food vendors can set up shop downtown.

Hyderabad, IN: The Rewards of Cleanliness

M. Vijay Kumar, a food vendor, sees an increase in business after he maintained hygiene — both personal as well as in the cooking process

Hyderabad, IN: Street Vendors Whip Up A Recipe for Success

Street food joints cater to a majority of people in the city and if these outlets are removed, the cost that one has to bear and the effort that one has to put in scouting for affordable food would be huge.

New York, NYC: NY Food Truck Lunch – A Trip To The Columbus Circle...

The Columbus Circle Holiday Market has really upped its quotient of excellent food vendors this year.

Meet the 2012 Vendy Awards Finalists: The Best of NYC Street Food [video]

What are the secrets behind the top street food vendors in New York City?

Ft. Collins, CO: An Open Road for Food on the Move

Food trucks, pushcarts and other businesses on wheels to move about town.

Charlotte, NC: Food Trucks Face New Scrutiny

N.C. Comm. for Public Health could pass new rules requiring mobile food vendors to post sanitation grade cards.