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JETRO CASH & CARRY / RESTAURANT DEPOT: High Quality, Low Cost Suppliers Ideal for...

Owners of Hot Pink Taco, shop at Restaurant Depot in Portland, Oregon for eco-friendly paper products and more.....

LA: The King of Hot Dogs?

Hollywood’s hot new outpost of Papaya King, the revered New York hot dog (and papaya drink) stand.

Baltimore, MD: The Haute Dog Carte – For A Frank That Will Satisfy Even...

Located in a small purple garage on Falls Road were owner Daniel and his stainless steel hot dog cart.

Fairfield, CT: Area Restaurants Take the Show on the Road

Putting a hot dog truck on the road for catering events started out "just for fun," said John Pelligrino, co-owner of Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield.

Saskatchewan, CAN: Dining a La ‘Cart’ Downtown

Kuan has watched as hot dog cart competition moves in each year "like flies," but with little staying power.

Salt Lake City, UT: Different Kinds of Meals on Wheels

Gourmet food trucks have been popping up everywhere, and recently they have become increasingly popular in Salt Lake City.

Cake & Shake Food Truck at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art

We spent the afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Outside the museum are food carts, and one in particular caught my eye — Cake & Shake.

CSI: NY’s Explosive Food Truck/Prostitution Episode

Friday night's episode of CSI: NY, "Food For Thought," in which the team of detectives enter the "competitive world of gourmet food trucks" where murder was on the menu. Chung Chung! Oh wait that's a different show.

The Nosh Truck: A Cubby Hole for a Kitchen, But a Dining Room as...

The 27-foot Nosh Truck — 30 feet, if you count the propane tanks — is a mobile kitchen, complete with a six-burner stove, 24-inch flat grill, 30-pound deep fryer, three-bay steam well and six sandwich panini press.

More Target Field Favorites Are Added to Concessions Lineup

New this season will be a turkey sandwich from Minnesota State Fair and Nicollett Mall food truck purveyor Turkey to Go, the Walk A Taco™ from St. Paul’s El Burrito Mercado, the Minneapple Pie from the Cottage Grill just outside the Twin Cities, and two additional Kramarczuk’s bratwurst dishes created specially for Target Field by Food Network, a Sportservice partner.